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Thank you, Benny, for your advice. I am so grateful that I have worked with you and call on you to ask your expert opinion.

By the way, I was recently included in New American Paintings, and have gotten an NYFTA grant. Thanks for all your help on the bio and the application.  --R. S. NYC

I'm an oil painter living in Florence.  I'd be delighted to share some feedback on Benny Shaboy.

Benny has been my art career advisor since I met him three years ago and tried out his consulting service. I found every meeting worth every penny.  I've worn other business hats (software, architecture) before I committed full-time to fine art, so I appreciate Benny's clear and business-like approach and input. I've found his view of the art scene, from schooling environments to professional gallery representation, to be dead-on accurate. He's plugged into the marketing of art in a way that few can boast -- publishing studionotes and the art opportunities book. Both are excellent.

As a drawing instructor at The Florence Academy of Art (here in Florence) these days, Benny's the one professional I'd first refer graduating students if they are West Coast bound.

I can only say that among the many people offering consulting services out there, from software programming to financial advice-  Benny is a real professional.  He talks the talk and walks the walk.

Any other questions?

--John R Peck

John Robert Peck, Florence

 I really liked your suggestions and I think their implementation will help me immensely.

[one year later:]

I'm glad that I met with you last year and very early in my art career .

[two years later:]
Hi Benny,
I would be happy to give you a reference.  It would be easy to describe the linkage between your advice and my success.

--Ken Berman
Sebastapol, CA
Thank you for your insight into the business side of art. You have provided valuable information to help me move forward toward my goal.

-- T. D. ,
Columbia, MO

My fortunes have changed since we spoke and I find myself "booked" for  the coming year with 4 respectable public art commissions.  Thanks foryour help then and now...   C. L., sculptor, CA
I am very happy that we are working together. . . . Thank you again so much for all your advice. . . . Thank you so much for all your support. It has been invaluable to me.

--R. S. painter, NY

It was great to meet you and talk about art issues at hand on Saturday. I appreciate your feedback and insightful advice to follow.

I felt a sense of perspective and direction after our meeting.  Thank you.

AS, painter
Oakland, CA

Thank you is hardly big enough, but, THANKS!

--SBS, painter sculptor, instrument maker, musician
Los Angeles

Dear Benny,
I enjoyed our time together Friday. It was great fun as well as informative. I especially appreciated your drawing for me a picture of the gallery owner's world, her/his perspective and needs. I now feel confident that I  have what I need to move ahead, to take greater risks. Many thanks and a cartload of good wishes. 
With warm regards,

--BJ, painter
Livermore, CA

Our  meeting yesterday was extremely helpful to me. I feel much more peaceful and focused about everything.

--ER, photographer, San Francisco

Thanks, Benny. Lucy and I enjoyed meeting you and are grateful for your
advice -- putting it to work now. We will appreciate any ideas you may wish to
send our way. Cheers,

--JL, sculptor, Bolinas, CA

Hi Benny,
Thanks again for spending the afternoon with me last Friday.  It was very inspirational.

--DL, painter, Los Altos, CA

The meeting is exactly what I need right now. Thank you for your calm, positive feedback.  Many things I have been thinking for a while were confirmed and several new ideasfor my plan of attack were added.

--JL, painter, architect, Berkeley, CA

We have received glowing reports from your suggested references. We would like to proceed with our consultation with you and would like to meet with you soon in person.

--SB, sculptor, public art, North San Juan, CA

When I have art problems, I go to Benny Shaboy.

--Beth Yarnelle Edwards, photographer with work in more than 14 museums in US and Europe